January 09, 2020 Leonard Windham

Facing Life's Struggles

Facing Life's Struggles

There are times when life becomes a struggle. If we can be honest, at times just walking through our day to day activities can be a challenge. And then add in an unexpected personal crisis, and the constant negative chatter which prevails in the news media and one can begin to wonder how much more they can endure. Some even begin to question the value of life itself. Have you ever heard tearful cries of “I can’t take it anymore,” or “I can’t believe this is happening to me,” or “I don’t know if I can go on.”


Have you ever experienced such thoughts and emotions? Surely almost all of us have at some point. If you have lived enough years, you have experienced this probably more than once in our lifetime. And given time you may face this again. Sadly, some live in a constant state of fear, oppression, and worry.


Thankfully, our Heavenly Father is well aware of our needs and provides the comfort, guidance, and strength for these seasons of life. The scriptures are filled with examples from which we can draw lessons and inspiration to soldier on. And not just to cope in resignation, but to walk steadfastly in victory. Romans 15:4, 5 reminds us that the scriptures provide consolation and tells us we worship a God who gives “perseverance and encouragement.”


Consolation is found in the accounts of ordinary men and women who faced discouraging circumstances and were able to overcome in the strength and love of God. Israel’s second king, David, had a life filled with much adversity. He was anointed to be the future king, yet had to live on the run, in hiding, and in fear of his life for a number of years. While he was king he committed a grave sin which led to many troubles in his family. God forgave him yet he battled the constant reminder of his sin. His own son Absalom tried to usurp the kingship from him. Absalom eventually was killed in battle, and David mourned the loss of his son. Many of the Psalms he wrote record the emotional lows which frequented his life. A careful reading may reveal David experienced many of the same thoughts and emotions we have battled.


Yet alongside these, even stronger were his reasons for rejoicing as he recounted the many blessings he enjoyed in his fellowship with the Lord. David may have battled depressing times. Yet God called him a ‘man after his own heart.’ And David had the unique privilege of being granted an enduring throne. When the Christ arrived as Savior, he sat on the ‘throne of David.’ What an honor God bestowed upon his name. What a legacy!


One thing to learn from this is that God is always faithful, merciful, gracious, and full of loving kindness. Even when we are walking through dark times, He is always there. It is easy to worship and bless the name of the Lord in times of ease and abundance. We are faithful when we bless the name of the Lord in difficult times. Never forget as believers we participate in a universal drama where our faith and perseverance provides an answer to the enemy’s lies and demonstrates our allegiance to Christ’s kingdom. Yes, we walk in the victory obtained through the death and resurrection of King Jesus.


So what to do? When facing life’s struggles cry out to our Father in heaven. ‘Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you and I.’ 1 Peter 5:7.


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