March 04, 2022 Leonard Windham

Lent Day 3 - A Pure Heart

Lent Day 3 - A Pure Heart

David’s prayer in Psalm 51 included a request that God create a clean heart and a new spirit of steadfastness. Aware of the struggle against sin, David requested that which would enable him to persevere and overcome – a new heart created by God.

Have you ever had a day where you wished you could start over? Or perhaps even gone through a season of life where the weight of past mistakes and decisions have overwhelmed you?

God has opened an even better way. We can make David’s prayer our own and request God to create in us a clean heart. David’s words align with those of the prophets Ezekiel and Jeremiah where God promised to bring a newness of life to what was stone cold dead and lifeless. Through the work of our risen Savior we can experience a re-creation of sorts, a new birth which brings us a clean heart from which we can joyfully fellowship with the Father, moved by Holy Spirit.

We acknowledge our sinfulness, and we accept the transformative power of the Spirit to no longer be burdened by the weight of the past and enjoy a new life.