March 08, 2022 Leonard Windham

Lent Day 6 - Goodness of God

Lent Day 6 - Goodness of God

The steadfast love of God is a reminder that God has always loved and is always love.

Psalm 25:8 reads, “Good and upright is the Lord; therefore He instructs the sinners in the way.” God’s goodness is demonstrated by His instructing sinners in His ways. His love beckons us to turn from our sin. It is because of His love that He instructs us in His way which is good.

This prayer of praise is that because God is good and upright, He instructs us. Rather than leave us to the end of our sin, He lays out the path away from sin. Rather than affirming sin, He teaches us the ways of righteousness.

Some say Jesus came to reveal God’s love as if before he came, the love of God was not evident. I suggest that as we look more closely the love of God has always been plain to see.

Jesus came to fulfill the Law. By his teaching and way of life he upheld the Law of the loving God who gave the Law. By his caring for the poor, he condemned greed. By his upholding of justice, he condemned partiality. In living to serve others, he condemned selfish ambition.

As the time for his crucifixion and death approached, he still focused on serving others. By word and example he upheld the goodness of God.

Jesus in forgiving the sinners of their sin, brought them freedom from their sins and invited them to enter into fellowship with God. Believe and be saved. Will you accept the invitation?